Obama: Aim is to put U.S. on path to end Afghan war – USATODAY.com

BEIJING (AP) — President Obama said Wednesday his upcoming strategy in Afghanistan will “put us on a path towards ending the war” and that his goal is not to pass the conflict on to the next president.
Obama also declined to say he trusted Afghan President Hamid Karzai, offering praise to Karzai for holding his country together but saying: “He has some strengths, but he has some weaknesses.”
“I’m less concerned about any individual than I am with a government as a whole that is having difficulty providing basic services to its people,” Obama said in his latest blunt assessment of the Karzai government, whose competence is an essential part of a U.S. war effort now in its ninth year.
Obama is expected soon to announce a revamping of the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is likely to send thousands more troops into Afghanistan to stabilize the deteriorating security there.