I am going to see Karl Rove (Republican strategist & George W. Bush’s political advisor)  tomorrow for his book signing. (Courage & Consequence) Do you think I can get him to sign my copy of Obama’s Audacity of Hope book?

 But after putting all fun aside, I am enjoying his book. Hurricane Katrina chapter was a hoot and the chapters about his family was very sad. I still have more research to do about his so called facts and I am still trying to figure what I will say to him. Danny dares me to tell him to sign my copy —The Turd Blossom. lol…That is his nick name Bush gave him. I most probably tell him I saw him on Charlie Rose Show and his interview the other night and thought it very good. As a Political Strategist and Political Advisor, Karl Rove is a master on winning elections. No one can deny that.

 Now, someone may ask, Why, me, who is an Obama voter would go see Karl Rove– a Republican strategist! I guess because I see myself a Political Science Student and Karl Rove is one of my study subjects. How can I not be there when someone I have been studying is so close. I can not let this opportunity pass me by..

 Ok, ok, all bull-shit aside—-I am just crazy for celebrity! (Political Crazy–mind ya) I hope I get my picture taken with him!! lol… Now that makes me laugh—Me and Karl Rove! lol…lol.. I hope my man, Obama, does not see me with him and view me as unfaithful. lol..

 But, really it is all for a learning experience, especially for the last 7 years as I have dived into Political Science. How many Americans realize the 7 year mark of the United States in Iraq just past a few days ago?

 Pucker up Mr. Karl Rove—Here I come!