February 11th 2011

 Something great is happening in Egypt.

As Americans, let us not fear the future, theirs or ours.

Fear and paranoia are not what we are made of.

We should not fear Egypt or any other country reaching for their highest Ideas. We just need to keep matching them with our own.

The desire for dignity, respect, freedom and liberty run deep in the human psyche. It is not just a desire; it is a need, it is a necessity.

I do believe if we lived in fear and paranoia when we went through our own revolution we not have our own freedom

Do not fear the future but embrace it.

In Egypt just as in early America:

Will it take hard work? Yes.

Will Democracy come easy? No.

Will it take wrong turns? Yes.

Will the future still happen even if we do nothing? Yes

So we might as well shape it the way we want it.

The Egyptian young generation wants their chance at their freedom.

This new generation, their voice as “one”, was heard.

Today is a Momentous and Significant Day!

 Compliments to the Egyptian people for their long enduring persistent and patients in defeating this dictator.

Human dignity and liberty wins the day.

Global change is coming. It is happening. When our world is becoming more economic interconnected and dependent on each other, we all have a choice to make. To stay with the familiar, afraid and immovable or to reach out with an open mind taking that first major step, asking the question, how can I think about this differently?

The transition we find ourselves in will take time and hard work. And, pulling together as global citizens, we can make this world, better, stronger and safer.

Do not fear the future.

 For Human Freedom wins the day!