The far Left and the far Right both have some things in common.  They both have an innate belief that they, and only they, know the “truth” and want to “save the country.”  The other thing they have in common is a complete inability to understand the Constitution,  although they’re more than willing to use it as a convenient justification.   Virtually everything they say circles around  it.  Read them, and you hear the same things.  The President  should have “forced” Congress to do something, the President should “demand” they do this, the President should have “done” that by Executive Order.    He needs to be strong and forceful.   Reading all those comments, either in favor if their party is in the Presidency or worrying about it if their party isn’t, just tells me one thing:  They don’t want the system of government we have.



Oh, you want a dictatorship! | Norbrook’s Blog.