Dear Patricia Heaton,

What happen there with your tweets?

We here in the “Middle” America value fair play, civility and are not extreme with our religion or politics. We love you in your 9 year run in Everybody Loves Raymond. Your character Debra Barone was one that was Respectful, Fair, Smart and Balanced. It is what we were familiar with, love and admire about the character. Maybe not a rational thought to you but we believed you were Fair, Smart and a Balanced person also.

And that is why your tweets are receiving a huge push back. It is a big disappointment and a shock to the “Middle America”. The values we cherish were not shown by your tweets.

Please, my advice would be to do some political research on the important issues that are vital to “Middle America”. Attacking a young woman that is not a public figure but a private person concerned about Health Insurance Companies covering basic women’s healthcare is unacceptable. And that is the lesson learned in the Rush Limbaugh incident.

If private Americans are attacked, expressing their concerns to congress, we are on our way to lose much in our society and our Democracy. These unacceptable actions from a few put us all in danger.


Susanthur Middle America