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“The most effective way to strengthen Social Security for the next 75 years is to eliminate the cap on the payroll tax on income above $250,000. Right now, someone who earns $110,100 pays the same amount of money into Social Security as a billionaire. That makes no sense,” said Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the chairman of the Defending Social Security Caucus. He also chairs the Senate aging subcommittee.


Let’s hear it for Sunday talk shows that are as diverse in gender and race as they are in parts of the brain utilized! How Up with Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC  are revolutionizing TV, one weekend at a time:

When compared to other similar countries, retirement benefits in the United States are relatively modest. A report from CNBC took a closer look at retirement systems in numerous countries and found the U.S. to be performing lower than the average.  Retirees in the U.S. generally receive about 47 percent of their pre-retirement income on Social Security.  Similar programs in Europe and elsewhere generally pay about 68 percent of pre-retirement income.

In the 2011 Melbourne Mercer Global Pensions Index, the U.S. was given a middling grade of “C,” along with France, Singapore, Brazil, Poland and Germany.

History teaches us that the true story of America is one of  enlightened  leadership in the creative use of government to unleash the  creative energies  of the American people. History also reminds us that  the free market, left  unchecked, can bring the country to financial  ruin. Mr. Romney refuses to  acknowledge this. Instead, he claims that  President Obama is wrong to focus so  much of his attention on finding  government-led solutions to our current  problems. Meanwhile, he mocks  him for even attempting to aspire to the  greatness of a Lincoln,  Roosevelt, or Johnson — the three of our presidents  who, perhaps more  than any others, understood that there are times when, as FDR  put it,  the American citizen, in seeking to rectify economic inequality and   injustice, “could only appeal to the organized power of government.”
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But much more of the increase in the deficit was because of tax cuts under George W. Bush, Medicare Part D (which expanded coverage for prescription medicines) and – most of all – the financial crisis that brought down the economy and sharply reduced tax revenue starting in September 2008.

Our modern debt surge is much more about declining federal government revenue than it is about runaway spending. If you believe strongly that our fiscal issues are primarily about “runaway spending,” please read our book.

The smart approach is to begin the long and not-so-nice work of controlling deficits while allowing the economy to grow.

The praise GOP and other conservative leaders have for Ayn Rand: • Paul Ryan says Ayn Rand is the reason he entered politics and he requires all staff and interns to read her books. Says Ryan: “Ayn Rand more than anyone else did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism, the morality of individualism.” • Clarence Thomas requires his law clerks to watch The Fountainhead, and has sa…id “I tend really to be partial to Ayn Rand.” • Sen. Ron Johnson, Ryan’s GOP colleague from Wisconsin, calls Atlas Shrugged his “foundational book.” • Rush Limbaugh calls Ayn Rand “the brilliant writer and novelist.” • Fox News repeatedly promoted the recently released movie version of Atlas Shrugged, airing the trailer on several shows and interviewing cast members. Read more:

Understanding the South—Republicans in Alabama and Mississippi reside in a universe where virtually all white voters vote Republican. And no, this isn’t just an Obama thing—Obama only got 11 percent of the white vote in Mississsippi in 2008, but that was barely worse than the 14 percent John Kerry got four years earlier. Increasingly, being a Democrat in the Deep South—a Democrat when it comes to national politics—means being African-American. This means that political polarization in the Deep South is of a different sort than it is elsewhere. @AlecMacGillis

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