I apologize for those who are misrepresenting our Christian faith tradition and the way they have caused you such pain. I am sorry that they are perpetuating violence with every sermon, every stump speech, every interview, and that they show little remorse and great arrogance as they do so

john pavlovitz

Dear Muslim Community,

I’m an American Christian and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that the loudest voices representing my faith tradition right now seem to be the most hateful ones, the ones least like Jesus.

I’m sorry that these voices are making you feel unwelcome and unloved in my country, that they are magnifying fear, that they are causing you to experience terrible discrimination and undeserved animosity in the places you worship and raise your families and make your livings.

I’m sorry that you are being unfairly penalized for a handful of twisted, violent people who share little more than simply the name of your faith. (I understand well what that is like).

I need you to know that those angry bullies spreading ignorance and fear and bigotry and claiming to speak for Christians do not represent me, no matter how high a platform they have or how recognizable their names are or how much money they…

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