He’s made the paranoid style of American politics go mainstream.
Nowhere is Trump’s embrace of oddball ideas and cranks more evident than his courtship of Jones, a 42-year-old Texan who built a lucrative media empire by hawking anti-radiation tablets and fulminating about “false flag” operations and the globalist cabal. It was previously unthinkable for a major-party nominee to appear on Jones’ show (broadcast from “FEMA Region 6”), but Trump is an exception. Stone has appeared regularly on Jones’ daily program, and the two were inseparable at the GOP convention, where they co-hosted a pro-Trump rally. Campaign aides and Donald Trump Jr. have promoted Infowars stories on social media. And Trump himself, who phoned into Jones’ show last December for a friendly chat, has welcomed the host’s support and parroted his message to a degree that has shocked even Jones. “It is surreal to talk about issues here on air, and then word-for-word hear Trump say it two days later,” Jones confessed on the air in early August.
But it’s not just Clinton who’s in the crosshairs of the Trump-Jones conspiracy machine—it’s electoral democracy itself. This summer, Jones warned of an attempt at “rigging” the election to deny Trump the presidency. He proposed sending teams of cameramen to polling sites to document the “illegals” voting for Clinton. By early August, Trump was channeling Jones in his stump speech. “I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest,” he said. He told the Washington Post that he feared unscrupulous Democrats would try to “vote 10 times.” By injecting so much distrust into electoral results, Trump could delegitimize a Clinton victory, setting himself up as a bomb-thrower in exile.
No wonder Jones has told listeners that he’s urged Trump to keep pushing the “rigged election” narrative. The Infowars host filmed a short segment wondering if the Democrats would try to have him killed. After all, by calling him out, Clinton did something his enemies, those globalist tyrants and UN stooges, had spent years avoiding at all costs. “You don’t say, ‘Alex Jones’! You never say the name Alex Jones!” he said. “But more and more, they have to speak the name that no one says.” For once, he had a point—a lot of people were saying it.