The Trump opposition-Democrats, unions, Never Trumpers-now know that if they can turn three Republican senators against him, he won’t matter. ~Daniel Henninger from Wall Street Journal


And now with Betsy DeVos at the helm, we have something we’ve never seen before-widespread fear of the Education Department by the left. So it’s not time to wait four more years to try to dismantle the department. The time for that is now. ~Neal P. McCluskey from Cato Institute



“This is not about who won the election. This is about concerns about intuitional integrity,” said Mark Lowenthal, a former senior intelligence official. “It’s probably unprecedented to have this difficult a relationship between agencies.” “I can’t recall ever seeing this level of friction. And it’s just not good for the country.”


Trump’s fear of opening his tax returns to public scrutiny could go beyond reveling what Donald Jr. called family’s considerable business dealings with
Russia. The release could also expose a net worth well below the billion-dollar mark. ~ Froma Harrop


Steve Schmidt, who worked in President George W. Bush’s administration. “This is something entirely different. The ineptitude, the sloppiness, the incompetence and the chaos are unprecedented.”


Let’s talk about the swamp. If we have learned anything about the Trump presidency, it is that Mr. Trump and his chief political strategist, Steve Bannon, despise the Washington swamp, which includes the city’s lobbyists, all of its bureaucrats, every member of the media, the entire congressional delegation and their staffs. Forgotten now is that Nixon didn’t resign because of anything proven by the anonymous torrent, but only after he saw he’d lost the support of his own party in Congress. We’re not there, yet. ~Daniel Henninger from Wall Street Journal