Regarding Evan Siegfried’s “Trump Can’t Build a Border Wall Without the Real Estate” (op-ed, Feb. 17): We have long been involved in efforts to oppose a border wall, doing everything from public education to documenting damage from existing barriers.The pitfalls that come with the use of eminent domain highlighted by Mr. Siegfried are some of the many inherent problems with this misguided plan. Widely recognized as an ineffective boondoggle, a border wall will cost billions, yet have no discernible impact on immigration along the border. It will cause flooding, harm communities, block wildlife and tarnish the image and reputation of the borderlands and its people, while failing as immigration policy. Through my work I’ve seen communities along the border dealing with these damages every day from sections of the wall already built.
Instead of wasting billions of dollars on walls, we should be focusing on how to address inequalities of opportunity, justice and freedom that are the root causes of migration. The best way forward is through comprehensive immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship.
~Scott Nicol   Co-chair Sierra Club Borderlands Program McAllen, Texas