Blogging Interesting Political News Reports

Curiosity may kill the cat, but for humans, Curiosity cures Ignorance.~susanthur

I have my own baggage to carry, therefore, keep yours to yourself.~Susanthur

To the question of your life- you are the answer, and to the problems of your life -you are the solution. ~Joe Cordare

Sometimes we can’t see the Problem because sometimes we Are the Problem.~Susanthur

Quote-We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason if we remember that we are not descended from fearful men, not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes which were, for the moment, unpopular.~ Edward R. Murrow

I have been studying American Religion & Politics the last 7 years because I finally noticed something very interesting happening—something very INVASIVE which became very offensive to me personally.
My close personal experiences by over righteous/hypercritical people with excessive religious & political viewpoints condemn me –for my different Religious and Political Philosophy—this awakening –as I was minding my own business—“live and let live” –led me to question—and Yes, now I am questioning–judging–forming a opinion, coming to a conclusion–
And my first step was to ask—-
What is going on with Religion and Politics here in America?
And how is this CHANGING America?
IT IS CHANGING– American Politics and Religion.
I do believe we all have to ask the question—
Is this Change for better or worse?

The vilification of Catholics woke me up to study Religion.
The vilification of Democrats woke me up to study Politics.

The growing disrespectfulness in the United States among all of us, Made me look at it—in myself and in others, Made me want to study it, Made me want to question it, Made me want to understand it,
Made me Aware.

A Poem

I woke up to an empty room

No more angels watching over me.
No more demons to be held at bay
by the invocation of
an Anglicized version
of a Hellenized version
of a Hebrew name

I woke up to an empty room:

Just a room. Four walls, ceiling, floor.
Just a room. Nothing more.

I woke up to an empty room
and embraced the solid air.

I woke up to an empty room and knew myself