The Spirit of Christmas


I love Christmas movies and Christmas decorations. I love yummy Christmas food and Christmas candy and Christmas drinks. I love joyful Christmas songs and the beautiful Christmas cards. I love the cool Christmas weather and the sweet fragrance of Christmas spice in the air. I love vivid, colorful wrapped Christmas presents under the Christmas tree-what a sight.

                   The bigger question, however, is; do I love Christmas?

With everything I just wrote about the lovely pageantry of Christmas, you would think so.

Think again.

That first glance of the season for me is the Christmas tree at Wal-Mart, all dressed in its magnificent splendor……Days!, I say!….Days before Thanksgiving!?

“Bah, humbug!”

I give it an intense, distain expression which reaches to the depth of my Ebenezer Scrooge soul, where it sits and seethes. 

“Bah, humbug!”

Just the thought of Christmas arriving, getting closer and closer in time, causes a shiver down my spine- an eck in my throat.

 “Bah, humbug!” I say again.

          Each year, I experience the same thing.                                                         

But then, something magical begins to happen.

          The nearer Christmas gets, with every heartfelt, uplifting Christmas movie I watch, with all the Christmas decorations glow and hues of color I delight, with every single morsel of Christmas candy, food and drink I consume, and with the perfumed scent of Christmas spice and cool weather delightfully experienced— that Ebenezer Scrooge soul changes into that wonderfully feeling, we call—

“The Christmas Spirit”.

Yes, it happens every year; it can’t be escaped. The Christmas Spirit sneaks up and grabs our Scrooge sour disposition and takes us into that breathtaking transformational world of hope, promise, kindness, and charity.

It is the time of giving and receiving, a time for forgiving, and a time for consideration and compassion for others. This is the time to remember it is about love and good will and opening our hearts.

The Christmas Spirit is the enchanted world of possible dreams and promising visions. During the holidays we are brought back to a childlike state of wishful minds and the carefree faith of childhood, enfolded into optimistic innocence, simplistic warmth and untainted courage and strength.

The carefree confidence of childhood is where the goodness of the human spirit resides; it is the goodness of humanity.

The goodness of humanity will always be Love; it is the unique, everlasting phenomenon of life. We may not be able to touch it, smell it, or quite understand it, and we may even at many times be confused by it. But it is real, just as the Spirit of Christmas is real.

As we grow from childhood to adulthood, we leave behind the belief of Santa but the belief of love lives on. The Spirit of Christmas, that boundless sincerity of love, the giving of one’s self, is never outgrown and always lives within us. We just have to reach in, grab it and live it.

And if, somehow, the remembrance of the fundamental meaning of Christmas is overlooked, forgotten or fades, and sometimes even fought over. Do not fear all you Hum Buggers out there like me, for each year, we are renewed again.

The true meaning of Christmas will forever be a communal celebration of Love.  

We do possess the knowledge to keep Christmas well.

For the spirit of Christmas fulfills the greatest hunger of mankind.  ~Loring A. Schuler

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Susan Thur