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On Medicaid expansion, Jindal should embrace his own plan

Article: On expanding Medicaid, however, Jindal has reversed course. He now opposes extending coverage to Louisiana’s working poor under provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It’s too expensive, he says.
Five years ago, Jindal was dying to pay 30 percent of the cost to expand Medicaid. What would be Louisiana’s share of expanding Medicaid under the ACA? Nothing for the first three years; afterwards, 10 percent.
In 2008, Jindal’s health secretary spoke about the urgency of expanding Medicaid and of preserving beneficiaries’ “dignity.” Jindal’s administration has now dropped such talk. “Soon there will be more people riding in the cart than people pulling the cart,” Jindal complained last April.
In 2008, these individuals had “dignity.” Today, they’re just bums asking for a free ride.
What’s changed?



Originally, Louisiana Sen. Landrieu cut a deal in the new Healthcare bill in 2012 –so Louisiana would not be penalized for federal money pouring into the state after Hurricane Katrina. The fix was to help Louisiana avoid cuts in the Federal Medicaid portion—the state paying a higher rate. Since it looked like economically, Louisiana was doing well, but it was artificially high because of Federal aid, which would make the state pay more for their portion of Medicaid.
Democrat-Blue Dog-Sen. Landrieu was doing her job looking out for her state. For her troubles, she was called names such as a whore—I think that was started by
Rush Limbaugh on his radio show. Then the name-calling continued with the many, many Louisiana Southern GOP radio show listeners. I saw it as Ignorant Hate for anyone or anything Democrat. And of course, Southern GOP hate for Obama’s Healthcare Bill.

Louisiana took a big hit after Hurricane Katrina–the poor the most. Sen. Landrieu was making sure any state in the United States suffering after a disaster would not be penalized from the Medicaid Rates.

These Medicaid and healthcare cuts in Louisiana–I wonder if it has anything to do with Gov. Jindal wanting to Privatization everything. He just put in school vouchers to Religious Schools.

Something big is up here and I am looking into it. I think I will start with Gov. Jindal’s belief system–it is very extreme. I know he is on the short list –on Romeny’s VP list. Since I have a disabled brother that I see to in his care in a Nursing Home –I keep an eye open in Louisiana’s Medicaid and Mental Healthcare. Big cuts are happening fast—too fast for anyone to figure what is going on. Maybe that is the idea too.

The GOP governors in these states do not want to take any of the Federal Medicaid money in the New Healthcare Law. They want to stick it to Obama–but the poor and the uninsured will be the ones that suffer. Because of their Anti-Obama Politics.

In the ACA–The federal government will pick up 100% of the cost for the first three years and 90 percent for the next 5. Right now, the federal government pays 57% of Medicaid’s costs in Louisiana.

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